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  1. pjur MAN XTEND Cream
    pjur MAN XTEND Cream
    Cream for MEN: Enhanced with ginkgo and ginseng to make the pleasure last longer. Regular use can improve blood circulation.
  2. pjur MAN STEEL Gel
    pjur MAN STEEL Gel
    Hard as steel. Invigorating gel for MEN with paprika and menthol. Can also have a rejuvenating effect if intensively massaged into skin.
  3. pjur MAN EXTREME
    pjur MAN EXTREME
    Highly concentrated, rich silicone-based personal lubricant for MEN. Just a few drops are all you need for extremely long-lasting lubrication.
  4. pjur MAN WATER
    pjur MAN WATER
    Water-based personal lubricant for MEN.
  5. pjur MAN SILICONE
    Silicone personal lubricant for MEN. Long-lasting lubrication, perfect for first-time users.

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His formulas

Because, for the most part, personal lubricants reside on the outside of a man’s body, these premium intimate products have a slightly different concentration of ingredients to present a richer feel.