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SPA formulas. A gentle caress can do many things: relax you, strengthen your relationship or be the perfect start to foreplay. Our pjur Spa massage lotions make every touch extra special. They are a class apart from other products as they do not contain oil, fat, silicone or water and do not leave behind any marks. Let yourself be pampered and spend some sumptuous hours together with your partner.

  1. pjur SPA Vanilla Seduction
    pjur SPA Vanilla Seduction
    Where scent meets sensuality. Melt away into seductive vanilla and surrender to its sensual embrace. Forget “normal”. Forget “business as usual with no extras”
    As low as $23.99
  2. pjur SPA Strawberry Summer
    pjur SPA Strawberry Summer
    Experience the subtle scent of sweet strawberries on a hot summer's night: Passionate, desirable, irresistible. Red like love and sweet like sin.
    As low as $23.99
  3. pjur SPA Neutral Way
    pjur SPA Neutral Way
    No fragrance. Just pure pleasure! Without any preservatives. If you want to focus exclusively on touch, this is the lotion for you.
    As low as $23.99
  4. pjur SPA Melon Breeze
    pjur SPA Melon Breeze
    Feel fresh! Feel liberated! Feel sexy! Reawaken your senses through a combination of fresh melon and sensual massage.
    As low as $23.99
  5. pjur SPA Cherry Dream
    pjur SPA Cherry Dream
    Experience the soft touch of summer cherries. Immerse yourself in a new dimension of sensuality: Light, sweet, desirable.
    As low as $23.99