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  1. pjur WOMAN AQUA
    pjur WOMAN AQUA

    Water-based personal lubricant specially developed to be gentle on skin and natural flora. Leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized. ​


    Specially Developed for delicate skin. This product offers extremely long lasting lubrication and leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

  3. pjur MAN SILICONE

    Silicone personal lubricant for MEN. Long-lasting lubrication, perfect for first-time users.

  4. pjur MAN WATER
    pjur MAN WATER

    Water-based personal lubricant for MEN.

  5. pjur WOMAN Nude
    pjur WOMAN Nude

    No preservatives, parabens, or glycerin. This personal lubricant does not contain any additives, and is specially developed for sensitive skin and those prone to irritation.

  6. pjur MAN EXTREME
    pjur MAN EXTREME

    Highly concentrated, rich silicone-based personal lubricant for MEN. Just a few drops are all you need for extremely long-lasting lubrication.

  7. pjur med REPAIR glide
    pjur med REPAIR glide

    Water-based personal lubricant with regenerative Hyaluron for dry and stressed skin. Hyaluron has the power to bind large volumes of water and guarantee outstanding lubrication.

  8. pjur MAN STEEL Gel
    pjur MAN STEEL Gel

    Hard as steel. Invigorating gel for MEN with paprika and menthol. Can also have a rejuvenating effect if intensively massaged into skin.

  9. pjur med SENSITIVE glide
    pjur med SENSITIVE glide

    Our pjur med water-based personal lubricant with no additives. We have deliberately avoided using glycerins, parabens and preservatives to keep it as neutral as possible. Particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

  10. pjur med SOFT glide
    pjur med SOFT glide

    The concentrated silicone formula with jojoba oil improves the skin’s elasticity and has nourishing and soothing properties. Provides long-lasting lubrication and smooth skin.


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Why pjur?

pjur (pronounced „pure“), serving the US market since 1995, offers premium personal products developed to enhance personal pleasure, making sex more enjoyable and longer lasting.

So when you are looking to spread the love for the world’s best personal lubricants, performance enhancers, personal and product care, look for the yellow dot to ensure you are getting genuine pjur.

25+ years
on the market


All pjur products are developed and manufactured in Germany with ingredients of the highest purity, made to uncompromising standards.

The German consumer organization Dermatest approves this with its certification of the products. Additionally, pjur group is ISO 13485 : 2016 certified.


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