For Women

For Women

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  1. pjur® WOMAN Nude

    pjur® WOMAN Nude

    No preservatives, parabens or glycerin: This personal lubricant does not contain any additives.
  2. pjur® WOMAN SILICONE-3.4oz


    Extremely long-lasting lubrication that leaves skin feeling silky smooth.
    As low as $38.00
  3. pjur® WOMAN AQUA

    pjur® WOMAN AQUA

    Water-based personal lubricant specifically for sensitive skin. Leaves skin feeling soft and moisturised.
  4. pjur AQUA Aloe Vera

    pjur AQUA Aloe Vera

    Natural & Nourishing pjur AQUA Aloe Vera is gentle on skin while providing exceptional lubrication that is never sticky or tacky